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At the Hamm Institute we are known for finding solutions that reduce carbon emissions of current sources of energy, while embarking on a path to discover new sources as well.

Industry Partnerships

For the common good
The Hamm Institute is connected with a variety of energy industry leaders to engage in thoughtful research to advance not only their company, but the industry as a whole. Our research spans several categories including energy security, energy innovation, and the advancement of energy to support global demand.

University Partnerships

The brightest minds
Collaborating with other universities ensures the best and the brightest minds have a seat at the table. We frequently convene with other institutes on projects to guarantee the best outcomes. We’re proud partners with the Ralph Lowe Energy Institute at TCU, the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources, and several others.

Hamm Institute Fellows

Bringing the energy to light the path
We are proud to be home to three distinguished fellows, Dr. Amrita Sen, Dan Brouillette, and Steven Moore. These energy leaders advise the Hamm Institute on policy issues and frequently represent us on both national and international stages.
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